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A Modern Heritage Hotel Immerse in Melaka's Living Legacies

An atmospheric pre-war building, nestled within the core of Melaka's Jonker Street, is reimagined into an intimate hotel that celebrates the city’s past and present. Timez Hotel presents 12 individually-designed rooms and 3 suites, each an ode to Melaka’s vaunted history that spans several centuries. Walk through our doors and step into a time capsule to unveil the rich legacies that earned the city its UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Stay with us and soak in vestiges of yesteryears while ensconced in 21st-century comfort and luxury.

Our Facade A Modern Outlook Into Melaka's History

Tucked in a row of shophouses, Timez Hotel stands out with its chic, minimalist outlook. Long wooden shutters that characterise much of Melaka’s pre-war buildings are set against a monochromatic facade to spell out the hotel’s modern heritage concept. Leading to the entrance is a landscaped walkway, a mini oasis designed to be a breathing space amidst the bustle of Jonker Street. Step in for an authentic experience that is unique to Melaka.

Our Lobby Where Time Stands Still

Beyond the all-white facade, once you set foot into the lobby, Timez Hotel’s true colours emerge. Honeycomb structures form the core of this inviting area, captured in key features such as candy-coloured seats and a feature wall that will make you pause for a closer look. Encased within the panels are 62 Swatch timepieces from a private collection that is on public display for the first time. Compiled over a 23-year period, the timepieces reflect the signs and changing of times, remnants of the past that have led to the present. It's much like how Timez Hotel was conceived – out of Melaka’s illustrious history that has earned it its present status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Five Concepts A Melting Pot of Cultures

Melaka is known for its multi-faceted cultural identity, a hotpot of influences enriched with elements from the Chinese, Peranakan, Dutch, Portuguese, and the British. Be it through migration, political reign or local assimilation, these cultures have left their indelible mark on every aspect, from the arts to architecture, cuisine to ceremonies.

At Timez Hotel, this ancestral treasure trove is embraced to add colour and context to our thoughtfully-designed rooms and suites, delivering a pleasurable stay imbued with an authentic experience of Melaka.